Help Ukrainian families by providing housing for them

  • You decide how long families can stay in your house
  • View registered houses that have already signed up.
  • No cost.

Many people are fleeing the Ukraine and are moving towards Western Europe. This could become a long war, which means the Ukrainian families who seek refuge need a home. A safe place where children can be children. There are not enough places to stay and more and more people are expected to come to the EU. If you have living space available, please open the doors to a Ukrainian family by signing up your house. This could be a bed, room(s), holiday home, an apartment, a house that isn’t used at the moment, a house part of a real estate portfolio that is available. Anything that can provide a safe home for a Ukrainian family in need.

It’s amazing you have a warm heart, but to make sure there are no disappointments on both sides:

  • Make very clear agreements and house rules
  • Understand the responsibility and make very clear expectations
  • Realize you and your whole family can deal with emotions such as anger, trauma, sadness, et cetera.
  • Make sure you have back-up from neighbors, friends and family

Sign up housing

Please register a house, or share this initiative with people you know have houses or who work within the real estate sector in the EU. You can make a massive difference for Ukrainian families.

Sign up a house