(also known as Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I welcome my Ukrainian guests on the first day?

Make sure there is food, drinks, sanitary products and a fresh made up bed.

How do I communicate when my guests only speak Ukrainian or Russian?

Download the Google translate app and use it written or verbally.

How long is the average stay offered?

The average offering is ‘3 months maximum stay’

Is it fun to have foreign guests?

It’s a life experience, it might be tough and challenging, but definitely fun and of great value for life. Giving is living.

Can I search for a friend?

Yes of course you can! If you find the right house, send the house owner a message on behalf of your friend and explain the request.

Staying in the Netherlands as a Ukrainian

​Ukrainians with a biometric passport do not have to apply for asylum in the Netherlands. Please check what options there are for Ukrainians who want to stay longer in the Netherlands.
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