from 07/03/2022 to 22/04/2022
A family house for 2 person(s)
What I don't want in the house
We have room for a mother and 1 child.
Personal message
You are very welcome at out home. We are a multicultural family. We are a father Michael (Dutch 46) mother Natalie (German43) and two 2 boys of 9 (Ben) and 12(Tim) years old. Natalie speaks the Russian language very good, not the Oekraïne language. We would love to give you a save place in our house. We also have a old dog of 13, she is a Labrador and very nice to kids. We have a spare room for you where 2 persons can sleep inclusive a tv. Internet is of course available. Of course al the rest of the house is at your service. If u want we can sent more pictures of us. The door is open! We would love to meet you. Michael & Natalie
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