This place is matched with a family.
from 13/03/2022 to 01/07/2022
An appartment for 4 person(s)
What I don't want in the house
I only want a family in the apartment, no groups of individuals. We need to agree the duration of the stay. I am
Personal message
I think this quiet and very spacious 100m2 apartment is very suitable for a family with small children (2+2 or 2+3). There is a spacious living room and there are 2 bedrooms, one very large and one small. The kitchen and bathroom are modern and there is a washing machine with dryer. Opposite the apartment there is a childcare and there are all kinds of fshops and acilities in a friendly environment. It is a very safe place with pleasant neighbors. I am the owner of the apartment and I like to discuss how to arrange things. The furniture will be arranged shortly. There is a car park if required.
Amsterdam in NL: Check on maps

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