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from 08/03/2022 to 08/10/2022
A family house for 5 person(s)
What I don't want in the house
Non smoking Ideally some English language
Personal message
Dear Family, We look forward to receiving you and offer you our guest house where you can process everything that is happening to you in the last couple of weeks. It is a warm place where you can find your bearings. We are here to help! We can house 2 adults and 3 children. Three bedrooms, two bathrooms and kitchen facilities. We are willing to help you with anything, just ask and we will see how we can make this happen. Free WiFi. This house is situated 2 kilometers from the railway station and village of Dalfsen. One hour from Amsterdam. We all speak good English and German. Can help with transport to get here. Please contact us for more information. Kindest regards, Willemijn & Christiaan
Dalfsen in NL: Check on maps

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