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from 26/03/2022 to 28/05/2022
A family house for 3 person(s)
What I don't want in the house
We would like to offer a warm and safe place for people who are in need. No requirements from our side, besides obviously that we trust our guests with our privacy and our home, but the aspect of trust speaks for itself I'd say. Our family consists of two parents (male 54 and female 48) and two children, both boys age 15 and 12. We also have a dog (1 extra dog in April that we'll be looking after during that month), so unfortunately pets are not very convenient to be honest... On the second floor of hour house (2x stairs) we will make space in the two rooms we have there. This floor also provides for a private bathroom (toilet/shower/sink) for our guests. Wifi and TV are also available.
Personal message
To our unknown guests, We are happy you made it out of the zone safe. We are aware of the horrific situation you and millions of other Ukrainian citizens are in and we can't even begin to imagine what this must feel like. We hope that offering a place in our house will at least lighten the burden of not knowing where to turn to or where to find a safe place to stay and prepare for your future. We hope we can build a mutual relation based on trust and comfort with each other as we open up our house and welcome you in the family. We are: Philip (54) and Marije (48) and Finn (15) and Mats (12) and then we have Baas (Boss, the dog). We as parents both work from home as well as from the office. The boys both go to school during the week and attend sports training and matches. About the dog: he barks and can sometimes be loud when people enter the house, but besides that he is a calm, sweet and sleepy dog. In April Marije's parents dog is staying with us as they are away that month. So this is something to take into account for our guests, also in case of allergies. We have two bedrooms and a bathroom (toilet/shower/sink) available on the second floor of our family house (reachable by 2 stairs). This offers a relative high level of privacy. One room has a single bed and the other a semi-double (wide single/small double). There is wifi and a TV as well. In case religion is important, then please realize we are not religious at all ourselves but we are respectful towards others that are. We are curious to meet you and hope everything will work out for the best. Warm wishes, Philip, Marije, Finn, Mats & Baas
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