Right now the war in Ukraine is getting worse and more people are fleeing the country to the EU. We expect the number of people seeking refuge will grow in the next few weeks.

We have friends in the Ukraine and we feel the need to do something. Everyone we talk to feel they should help. We can join our networks and ensure we find many houses that are available for Ukrainian families.  

In order to be able to help these people we have started this initiative. Our mission is to use our joint networks so that we find houses across the EU. The more houses we have, the more we can do for these families. You can use LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or other social media platforms to engage with your network and to activate people to sign up houses anywhere in the EU. These could be holiday homes, apartments, houses that are not used at the moment, houses part of a real estate portfolio that are available. Anything that can provide a safe home for a Ukrainian family in need.

Please spread the word and help Ukrainian families by signing up a house.